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Our Story


1870 Farm is home to over 150 years of history. The farm's sunlit pastures and winding paths have a way of taking visitors back to a time when picking wildflowers or petting a sheep could happily take up the better part of an afternoon.


We created a free-range paradise for children where they can hang out with chickens, befriend a goat or two, pan for sparkling gemstones, get dirty in the gardens, fish for bass, and so much more!


We love creating farm-centered adventures and we're here for your celebrations, too! Our ancient oak trees and golden hour sunlight are a photographer's dream. The grassy fields and beautiful white barn are the perfect settings for family celebrations. We are here to share the farm with you. If you can imagine it, we will do our best to make it happen.


1870 Farm is conveniently located near the UNC Campus in the heart of Chapel Hill, not far from Carrboro. Our farm is your backyard - we can't wait to see you soon. 

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