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Summer Camp 2023

Each day offers new ideas and activities! One day we may be making pickles, and the next day inventing a new ice cream flavor. We may go miniature frog collecting or attempting to teach some of the more social animals new tricks. The older children are encouraged to participate in the entrepreneur program and come up with ideas for products to be sold at the farm stand on Fridays.


As a farm we are always on top of the weather and will adjust schedules accordingly. The farm offers its own micro-climates and activity spaces so we have lots of flexibility in our activities. Barn games might include "steal the bacon", potato sack races, corn hole, or a game we actually build and play such as "four in a row". Every child will have a chance to go gemstone mining and fishing each week. Every Friday we invite parents and guardians to come at 2:00pm to leisurely explore the camp, have an ice cream, and see what their campers have been up to all week!  We have added an apothecary barn for the campers to create their own products. We also have increased by double the climate-controlled indoor spaces where kids can do everything from yoga to work on entrepreneurial ideas. In 2024 we will be adding additional pastures specifically for kids wanting to spend more time caring for animals! We also have a new pony area

and increasing our fresh egg production.

Junior half-day campers will arrive at a separate entrance from the all-day camp and play throughout the day in their own areas. Our ratio is one teacher per 7 -10 children. Children will have access to sprinkler play, an air-conditioned space, and plenty of shade on our natural preschool playground and forest area.  For 2024, the campers will have their own age-appropriate animal pasture.

2024 Day Camp Weeks
  • Week 1: June 17th 

  • Week 2: June 24th

  • Week 3: July 1st

  • Week 4: July 8th

  • Week 5: July 15th

  • Week 6: July 22nd

  • Week 7: July 29th

  • Week 8: August 5th

  • Week 9: August 12th

  • Week 10 August 19th

Daily Camp begins 8:30am - 3:00 pm Monday-Friday
Junior 1/2-day Camp (ages 3-5) 9:00am - 12:30pm
Late Care offered each day until 5:30pm
Early drop-off 7:50am

Full-Day Weekly Camp  $495

Junior 1/2 Day Camp (ages 3-5)  $275

  • Kids Vet Club Add-on $165.00 per week subject to availability.

  • Extended Stay and early drop-off available for full-day campers

Kids Vet Club PNG 1.png

1870 Farm Tax ID # 474-283-3032


Examples of Daily Schedule (changes daily)

8:30-8:45   Morning Meet Up


8:45-9:35   Farm Chores


9:45-10:35   Bottle Feed Calf


10:45-11:05  Community Snack Time


11:15-12:05   Arts & Crafts


12:15-1:05    Chicken Race Training

1:15-1:45     Lunch  


1:45-2:35   Gem Mining 


3:00  Afternoon Pick Up

8:30-8:45   Morning Meet Up

8:45-9:45   Chicken Care and Egg Collecting

9:45-10:45   Farm Games

10:45-11:15  Community Snack Time

11:15-12:15   Apothecary or Tinker Barn

12:15-1:15    Fishing

1:15-1:45     Lunch  

1:45-2:45  Pickle Making

3:00  Afternoon Pick Up

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