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Workshops and Summer Camps
for Animal Lovers and Inspiring Veterinarians

Looking for Age Appropriate Animal Care and Skill Building for Kids 6-15?

Dr. Amanda McKee is a homegrown veterinarian from Burlington, North Carolina.

From an early age, veterinary medicine was clearly her passion. Growing up on the family farm, she began riding horses at the age of 2 and developing a deep love for animals. 

Dr. McKee graduated summa cum laude from NCSU with a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science. She received her veterinary degree from NCSU in 1998. 

Since then, Dr. McKee has worked in many fields of veterinary medicine: private practice, mobile veterinary service, animal shelter medicine, and even traditional Chinese veterinary medicine. 

She is now very excited to share her love for animals and veterinary medicine with the next generation.

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