1870 Farm Camp - Week One!

Week one of 1870 Farm Camp began on Monday - and within minutes of arrival, the fun began! Campers gathered beneath the breezy shade of the massive oak tree outside the farm house to learn about the adventures that lay ahead of them. Take a look at some of the snapshots of the first part of the week - they say far more about the joy that abounded from every corner of the farm than words ever could!

Check back for more pics of the first week of 1870 Farm Camp - with chicken hugging, spontaneous baseball games, hopscotch, art in the pastures, strolling alpacas, archery, and ice cream masterpieces - we're snap happy trying to capture it all!

Perhaps day one was best summed up by one five-year-old camper: "I had a lot of camps in my life, but this one is the funnest one I EVER had... "

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