An open letter to the chickens of Orange County

Dear Chickens of Orange County:

It has come to our attention that some of you are madder than a hen in a swimming pool.

Accordingly, we feathered friends at 1870 Farm would like to take this opportunity to humbly apologize. While it is true that there is a luxurious spankin’ new Chicken Hotel on the leafy grounds of our historic farm, we are afraid that we have very limited vacancies.

Many of you fine fowl from Durham, to Hillsborough, to Saxapahaw, have eagerly inquired about a stay at our five star lodging … and who could blame you?

Our hotel, with its flower box, barn siding, and copper chimney, is the envy of the Piedmont. It’s truly a divine place to lay your beak at night. Of course, it would be nice if it were just a little bigger, but the fact is that any day now, our little hatchlings will bust out of their shells and need their own quarters. Our Farmer in Chief is already thinking about a Chicken Hotel expansion – but you know, these things take time and the goats are all bickering that they’re first in line for some landscaping around the new goat cottages. Things just haven't been the same since our farmer got them a subscription to "House and Goat."

So chickens of Orange County – we wish you good cluck in finding a vacancy at chicken lodging in the area – but for now, at least, the Chicken Hotel at 1870 Farm is full.


Your (Spoiled) Feathered Friends at 1870 Farm, Home of the Renowned Chicken Hotel

P.S. Mabel, in charge of Chicken Hotel reservations, would like to add: “No - There ain’t a waiting list, so quit your askin’.”

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