10 great reasons for the 1870 Farm summer camp

1870 Farm in Chapel Hill is pleased to announce the formation of a very unique summer camp. Here are just 10 great reasons why this camp will be like no other.

1. Critter cuddles: There is pretty much nothing that hugging an alpaca won't fix (or at least make better). At 1870 Farm, campers have their choice of critters to cuddle - our tiny pygmy goats, "Donk" the lovable donkey, our celebrity goat - "Number 7" (see #9 below for more on #7!), and other farm friends. Animals are natural soothers and wonderful ice breakers - even for shy children.

2. Structured "unstructure": we're on a mission to bring back free play! You know the kind - chasing your shadow, making bracelets out of dandelions, seeing if your feet can touch the sky while swinging... On 1870 Farm, we like to think that we've hit the "sweet spot" on structure - just enough, but not too much. Each day, children can alternate between choosing engaging electives with wonderful instructors and exploring on their own. They can craft with found materials. They can play hide and seek in the barn. They can study animal tracks and guess which critter made them. Planned activities (electives) will include everything from capture the flag to making pickles.

3. Our dedicated team: we have a great, experienced staff who will not only keep campers wonderfully busy, but will also make sure they're safe and happy throughout their farm adventures.

4. Opportunities for young entrepreneurs: 1870 campers can exercise their business savvy on the farm by dreaming up and producing crafts, foods, farm-based products, and whatever else they think will sell. Each week they will have the opportunity to market their crafts onsite (at the farm) or on our Etsy page. This is real farm-to-market learning!

5. Gem stoning mining: gems and fossils from all over the world arrive weekly at the farm. Every child will have the opportunity to mine in the sluices and the mine shafts at our indoor and outdoor mines. Hey young farmers! There's gold in them hills (well, fool's gold - but just as much fun)!

6. Cool breezes and generous shade: Our farm has numerous "micro-climates," offering mild spots even on the warmest summer days. The area by the pond is particularly pleasant to sit awhile and catch a lovely breeze. Campers will also be able to do an elective activity in the dark and cool barn or in the two climate-controlled indoor areas. One of those indoor areas is our charming craft cottage, a quiet place to create, tinker, and let nature inspire a masterpiece.

7. World famous chicken races: 'nuff said.

8: Our newly built "Chicken Hotel": A.K.A., the envy of chickens all over Orange County (yes, it is *that* snazzy). The Chicken Hotel has a growing guest list and will soon house some very unusual and exotic chickens - we're talking speckled blue egg layers.

9. Number 7: Yes, that's right, our sheep "Number 7" gets a number all to himself. He wouldn't have it any other way. In fact, he's a little bit of a celebrity around here (and yes, it has gone to his head). Number 7 is quite convinced that he's a dog - a dog that enjoys birthday parties and being the center of attention. He's never happier than roaming the farm in a birthday hat.

10. Stealth learning: Children have so much fun at 1870 farm that they don't even know they're... shhhh... learning! In one afternoon they can learn the names of three types of fish stocked in the pond (not to mention *how* to fish!), how soap is made, what chickens eat, how seeds are sprouted, how to design an edible garden, and what tools were used on a typical farm a century ago. By the end of the week, they're knowledgable Junior Farmers. How did that happen amid all that fun?

1870 Farm Camp Friendly Animals

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