Five Great Birthday Ideas at our Farm

As the Farm is starting to get better known in the Chapel hill and surrounding communities as an interesting new place for a birthday party. A question that is coming up more frequently is can the "kids" do more that one specialized activity? A popular request recently with the beautiful autumn wheater is can we do gemstone mining and fishing? My response so far has been "lets try it". It seems now that the mining sluices which are located in the main barn are operaitional, it has become a super hit.

We set up the mining center in the barn so we can be operational rain or shine, warm weather or winter, as we can bring some of the farm animals right into the barn and into the mining area which actually adds even more character and a really old time feel. I would highly recommend that if you want to "double up" on any activity one of the activities become the mining experience.

Which now brings me back to five great birthday ideas at the 1870 farm. In the cooler and in the very hot months, a great multi activity idea is mining and then going into our air conditioned crafts center where you can turn the gems, fossils or artifacts into jewelery or perhaps a creation of your very own.

In the warmer months when the fish are biting, as we recently stocked our pond with delectable catfish, this will be our first winter to see if the fish bit? Normally the large mouth bass go dormant in the winter.

Regardless of the season here are 5 great birthday ideas which should be included regardless at the farm. One is watching and guessing which one of our chickens will win our crazy chicken race, all the races have gone flawlessy except this past weekend when I decided to dress up as a giant chicke, The hens and Rooster took one look at me and refused to enter the raccing area, nedless to say I am elimnating that custome from my wardobe, but I might try just wearing the mask?

So after the chicken race, secondly intercating the with pygmy and fainting goats is always so much fun to watch, play with and feed. Sometime we bring in our crazy sheep #7 that thinks he's a dog into the fray as well.

The third must do activity is a the egg scavenger hunt which takes place in different areas of the farm and is set up according to the childs age.

The fourth thing to do is go mining...its so much fun for childrena and adults alike and in the next few weeks we hope to have the mining shaft open which brings our miners into a world of darkness, but luckily they will be wearing helmets with lights to hunt for gems.

The fifth great thing to do at the farm is make a camp fire- make s'Mores, hot dogs whatever idea's you can come up with..Whatever you choose a birthday party at the 1870 farm will be a most memorable fun and fastest two and half hour party your child has ever been to.

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