The 1870 Farm mining company

Miner Moe watching the new Gemstone mine being built

We are happy to announce we decided to expand our mining operations with the addition of two new mining sluices which we hope to have operational before months end. One Sluice is expected to be installed close to Miner Moes cabin, the other mining sluice will be installed inside our main barn, this will enable us to offer mining during rainy days as well. We plan on enventually opening a gem and rock shop within the farm as we expect mining operations to grow. Currently miners young and old can work with Mner Moe to discover Fossils, Gemstones, Arrowheads, and even sharks teeth! Our onite specialist Justin will help identify items found after sifting, or wandering the mining area's of the farm.

We are excitted to be able to offer the same gemstone mining experience in the Raleigh and Chapel Hill area's very similiar to our mining cousins in the western aprt of the state.

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