The Senior Social Club at the 1870 Farm

The Social club Rates (subject to change)

4-5 Hours typically 9:00-2:00PM



One Day a week          $65.00 


Three Days a week    $180.00


Five Days a week      $285.00


Monthly Pass            $1100.00


Meals catered daily by several wonderful area caterers.

Optional Transportation possible

Optional Full Day

 Typical Spring/Summer /Autumn *


-Morning Farm Walk and Stretch

-Gather eggs

-Care for animals

-Collect goat milk for farm products

-welcome visiting group

- Bee Keeping

- Fishing in pond

-Prepare your Garden (Private gardens for monthly)

-Prepare community garden

-Workout with Bob


-Crafts in Cottage- Wood working and Soaps

   (optional membership in on-line store)

-Entrepreneurs Club

-Cards and games in Main house


Winter would have more animal care and indoor activities and exercise. Crafts and On-line farm entrprenuerial programs.


* This is a work in progress and we open to idea's from the community


1224 Old Lystra Road

Chapel Hill, NC 27517

PHONE: 919 590-4120

FEIN:   474283032

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