Permanent Agriculture is a system of principles and practices organized by the Australian, Bill Mollison, in the 1970's. However, in reality, it is nothing new; quite the contrary. Permaculture is the stuff that works and always has.

Here at 1870 Farm our mission is to cultivate the happiness and peace that comes with the old fashioned pleasures of mingling with well-raised animals, produce and human beings. Permaculture is simply an extension of our philosophy and a vehicle for teaching these principles to the community at-large.

The natural processes of mother nature - of water, leaves and decaying biomass becoming dark humus soil - are ancient and have their own intelligence. We simply mimic these processes on a human timescale in order to grow the nourishing produce and beautiful flowers sold at the farm stand.


Garden Guru and Produce Manager, Keith Bowers, is certified in Permaculture Design by the Urban Permaculture Institute of San Francisco. His workshops focus on the integration of traditional Soto Zen Buddhist practice and ideas with the staid and true principles inherent within the permacultural model.


Come see for yourself! Join us for a farm tour or a permaculture workshop taught by Keith Bowers and learn how to implement permaculture practice into your own garden spaces.

It begins with a no-tillage policy. The earth's soil is a slowly building skin that is damaged horribly when ripped open by tractors or plows. We massage her with gentle aeration to open the micro-organisms up to oxygen and amendments from local composters.


Our main tool, the Broadfork, is hand-forged by local blacksmith Larry Cooper at Gulland Forge in Pittsboro, NC.

It is amazing that we have the opportunity to tend our earth with tools made so close to home.