Your Own Private Key To The Farm

A Self Guided tour to members of same household with Meow-stauche, a map and a walkie talkie. (limited to six people)

The farm becomes yours and yours only for 75 minutes. The only other person besides your family will be a staff member who will not accompany you, they will be reachable by walkie-talkie. The only living thing accompanying you will most likely be

Meow-stauche as she loves visiting the animals as much as you.

You will have a package waiting for you with animal feed and a self guided map to several pastures where you can feed your favorite animals, fish in the pond, sit at a picnic table or look for hidden gems.

The restrooms will not be open but a hand wash station will be available.

You may bring your own carrots to feed the donkeys, ponies and horses.

1224 Old Lystra Road

Chapel Hill, NC 27517

PHONE: 919 590-4120

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