Carrots with Cornbread the Camel
Run of the farm
Video Meeting with your Favorite Animal 

10 Minute Cameo with your choice of farm animal. These are the guys that love to get in on a good meeting or Birthday. The donation is only $65.00 and they promise to be on time and attentive,

Just send your link!

Cornbread comes to this meeting with 15 delicious large Carrots. Feel free to ask him to munch on a carrot whenever you like. if there is a lull in the meeting, or you just feel like a distraction. Cornbread like to chew his carrot slowly so we can always mute as necessary. Cornbread and his carrots for 15 minutes is a $95 Donation.

We will take you all over the farm. One minute it could be looking for eggs in the coop. The next minute with Sherman the sheep and a few comments from Penelope the pig or a word from the fainting coats or Bella the sweetest donkey we ever met. This is about 25 minutes with at least 5-6 different animals and scenes. This fun extravaganza is a $250 Donation.

Bella the Donkey


The Camel


a very unusual Cat

Xanadu the Alpaca

Betty The Chicken

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