1870 Farm depends on year-round programming to care for our animals. During these times of Covid-19 our programs have essentially stopped and we are struggling financially to give the care that these animals deserve. 

Many of our animals are rescues that have become part of a close knit community farm and rely on the care and love they receive from us, and the visitors to our farms.

Our Farms and Kids Farm Foundation 

 is built on the principles of saving vanishing small farms and providing opportunities for children to learn on farmsteads in North Carolina and eventually in many other areas developing rapidly across the nation.. Through programs delivered on our two farms, 1870 Farm & the Old Mill Farm we seek to create a multifaceted education program that seeks to instill a love of nature, the outdoors, and farm life in the lives of its patrons. We seek to create a community of learners that is passionate about preserving our natural world, work to create sustainable and local food systems, and to preserve this type of environment for future generations. We seek to save animals that are neglected, or unwanted, and provide a home where they can enlighten all our patrons, young and old.

We have three exciting options.

Adopt any individual farm animal in box for $25.00

from now until April 15th 2021. You will receive detailed information about your adopted animal or animals and a high resolution digital photo in about a week. If you visit the farm you will be able to go into the pasture with your adopted friend to take a photo. You will receive updates and photos from of your adopted farm friend. The adoption funds help us care for your adopted pet throughout the next year!

Adopt Miner Moe for $150.00 and he will give you a private tour of the farm for 45 minutes for up to six people and a hayride. (once we can again). This is good for up to one year to use. You may choose your animal to adopt in person.

Adopt the 1870 Farm for $500.00 and you will get a

private tour of the farm with Miner Moe for up to six, and also be invited to our 150th Anniversary party gala scheduled for September as a VIP (two tickets). Details will be coming soon. Adopt up to 4 of your favorite animals as well.

1224 Old Lystra Road

Chapel Hill, NC 27517

PHONE: 919 590-4120

FEIN:   474283032

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