Fridays:  3:30PM - 4:30PM    
Saturdays:  9AM - 11AM
Monday - Thurs: Closed

fresh eggs daily

What's selling?

Our Fresh Eggs are available daily when you drop $5 in our honor box for a dozen. Eggs are in the Fridge.
We sell a mix of 1870 Farm seasonal produce and crafts, and a selection of goods from other local farmers and artisans! Come shop Fresh Eggs, Flowers, Local Jams, Pickles, Produce & More!
Food Bank and Community Donation

All Eggs not sold within 5 days are donated to community groups in the area that provide food for families or people in need. Please Contact us to become part of this program.

1224 Old Lystra Road

Chapel Hill, NC 27517

PHONE: 919 590-4120

FEIN:   474283032

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