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June 15, 2016

Week one of 1870 Farm Camp began on Monday - and within minutes of arrival, the fun began! Campers gathered beneath the breezy shade of the massive oak tree outside the farm house to learn about the adventures that lay ahead of them. Take a look at some of the snapshot...

Dear Chickens of Orange County:


It has come to our attention that some of you are madder than a hen in a swimming pool.


Accordingly, we feathered friends at 1870 Farm would like to take this opportunity to humbly apologize. While it is true that there is a luxurious sp...

If you were born before 1985, you likely spent many screen-free hours of your childhood sitting in the upper branches of a good climbing tree, lying in a patch of cool summer grass, rounding up fireflies, watching clouds drift by, or getting just the right wind speed o...



“Go outside and play!”


This commanding piece of wisdom from our mothers (and generations of mothers before them) applies now more than ever.  What would your great grandma have made of a smart phone? What would she have said about a world that prioritizes tweeting t...

February 18, 2016

1870 Farm in Chapel Hill is pleased to announce the formation of a very unique summer camp. Here are just 10 great reasons why this camp will be like no other.  


1. Critter cuddles: There is pretty much nothing that hugging an alpaca won't fix (or at least make better)...

December 25, 2015


Exposure to farm animals in early childhood modifies the key allergy-related immunological mechanisms, shows a recent study from the University of Eastern Finland. The study provides new insight into the role of dendritic cells and cytokine production in particular.



September 28, 2015

As the Farm is starting to get better known in the Chapel hill and surrounding communities as an interesting new place for a birthday party. A question that is coming up more frequently is can the "kids" do more that one specialized activity? A popular request recently...

September 25, 2015


We are excited to announce that we are creating a fundraiser to benefit the

 Chapel Hill Carrboro Public School Foundation on Saturday October 24th at the 1870 Farm.


Not only will there be over 300 pumpkins given away FREE, but anyone may enter the worlds  fi...

September 20, 2015

As we continue to focus on Childrens birthday events at the 1870 Farm we thought it interesting to add to Mytonic Goats to our farm. Our two goats 9 and 11 weeks old have been introduced with our pygmy goats and after a day of checking each other out all seem to be get...

September 19, 2015


We are happy to announce we decided to expand our mining operations with the addition of two new mining sluices which we hope to have operational before months end. One Sluice is expected to be installed close to Miner Moes cabin, the other mining sluice will be ins...

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April 26, 2016

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Fainting Goats at the 1870 Farm

September 20, 2015

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