Frequently Asked Questions about our Birthday Parties...

Q: When are your parties?

A: We currently offer parties on Saturdays and Sundays. Our available party times are 11am-1pm and 2-4pm.

Q: How many kids can come?

A: As many as you want to pay for! Participating children are counted in the grand total for your party. Adults are not counted, but we do ask that if there are a lot of adults, they visit together while party hosts take the kids around the farm for animal interactions. Infants/littles that do not participate in the main activity are not counted.

Q: Is the party package the same price if there are less than 12 kids?

A: Yes, any amount of kids up to the 10th one are including in the $395 base package price. Any kids past 12 guests are $15 each.

Q: What do you do in cases of rain/bad weather?

A: Farmers work in all kinds of weather! We always expect guests to dress accordingly for being outside, on a farm, in rainy/wet/muddy conditions as it calls for. In light rain, we still walk to see all of the animals. In heavier rain, we bring animals in the barn for interactions. Picnic tables are in the barn for food/cake. The craft activities and gem mining activities can also be done whether it is raining or not.

Q: Can we bring food/drink?

A: Any food/drink is permissible on the farm. Alcoholic beverages are allowed (wine or beer). Local places that deliver pizza are Domino's, Alfredo's, Brenz, and IP3 pizza. 

Q: What is the flow of a party like?

A: We normally visit and interact with all of the animals first. Then we do an egg hunt before washing hands. After cleaning up, we will do the main activity (gem mining, craft, fishing). we then will have the kids participate in farm games, We finish the party with food and cake.

Q: What is provided?

A: We provide plates, forks, napkins, cups, lemonade and water for the kids in attendance. If you will have adults partaking in food/cake, please plan to bring party ware/drinks for them. Or we can provide at additional cost.

Q: What animals do you have?

A: We have ponies, donkeys, alpacas, sheep, goats, rabbits, chickens, turkeys, and pigs! Guests will get up close and personal with our animals and have a real hands-on experience.

Q: Can Pony Painting be substituted for the main activity?

A: No. Pony Painting and Pony Rides require additional staff and are not interchangeable with the other activities.

Q: How do people decorate?

A: This is all up to you! You can get as wild or as natural as you want. There are standard picnic tables for seating and you are welcome to bring tablecloths. If you bring decorations to hang, please bring the proper tape, string, etc. to hang. We do not allow balloons at 1870 Farm!

Q: Do you have bathrooms available?

A: Yes. A restroom trailer or access to our cottage bathroom will be provided.

Q: How do I book a party?

A: Send us an email with the date and time that you are interested in and we will send you our party brochure to start the booking process and let you know availability!